Mini 0903 / Nano Q Dash Cam Box

The Mini 0903 (Nano Q) sprint cam is a brand new 2016 model within the Mini camera series. The Mini 0903 is synthetic by means of the chinese language employer MegTech. at the same time as all of the preceding Mini cameras had been primarily based on Ambarella processors, the Mini 0903 is based totally at the Novatek NT96655 processor. The digital camera has uses a high wi-fine Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor.

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The Mini 0903 facts 1080p video @30fps, with a excessive bit fee of 20 Mbps. Video wi-fiwireless has been blended with this digicam. a few proprietors indicate video wi-fine is excellent all through the day and good at night. however others with early production fashions have had awareness troubles and grainy night time video which is discouraging. we will update this overview as extra statistics on video nice turns into available.

The Mini 0903

It has a few precise capabilities while in comparison to other cameras in Mini collection including:

makes use of a brilliant capacitor in preference to a battery, which is a better preference when walking a dash cam in warm environments (batteries have a tendency to swell / enlarge in the warmth)
Comes with a non-buffered parking mode, so as to facts at a very low body rate (like time lapse images). while an effect is detected by means of the G-sensor, the body price will increase to 30fps for 15 seconds after the incident
Has c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a to view photos, down load motion pictures, and exchange settings via an app for your iOS or Android tool
Comes with a CPL filter magnetic mount to lessen glare. The CPL filter is bought one at a time

The Mini 0903 comes with 1.wi-fi″ screen and G-sensor. The GPS mount is non-compulsory. The Mini 0903 is the smallest Mini series digicam at most effective 66mm x 33mm x 40mm. The small size and form factor make this a totally discreet digicam which is amazing given it comes with a display screen and constructed in great capacitors. construct nice is average, no longer the wi-first-rate of the series.

yet again, the biggest question with the Mini 0903 is reliability. A review of our Mini series discussion board highlights reliability troubles in preceding fashions. unluckily a number of the early testers of this camera had troubles with recognition and GPS. As more human beings buy this camera, reliability performance turns into clearer. We would really like to thank our member Sunny who created an in depth overview for this camera on our discussion board.

size assessment

some of the pre-manufacturing / early models have had problems with the focus of the video. The producer claims the brand new models has an progressed lens base to save you this trouble.

Mini 0903 attention trouble

a few owners have manually refocused the lens with some achievement. Our member blake supplied those step by step instructions on focusing the lens.

GPS Locking

some proprietors have had issues with out a GPS lock in any respect while the usage of the optionally available GPS base. this will be do to terrible connectivity between the digital camera and the GPS base.

GPS Interference

a few owners have experienced GPS interference from the Mini 0903 (i.e. affects the GPS receiving on smartphones, navigation systems). that is verified within the video from our member lacibaci beneath.
Mounting the camera

Our member lacibaci has shared these photos of the Mini 0903 mounted in a car.

must I purchase?

The Mini 0903 is quite speciwiwireless than the alternative Mini collection cameras. it’s far the smallest, has a wi-fiwireless capacitor, WiFi and unbuffered parking. rate is quite affordable and usual the digicam offers a number of functions for the cash.

but a number of the preliminary customers have indicated consciousness and GPS troubles with their cameras. Reliability has always been the largest problem with the mini collection cameras so we can keep an eye on proprietors feedback regarding the Mini 0903. If all of the early problems are labored out, the Mini 0903 may want to turn out to be a good deal. excellent wager is to look what other proprietors are announcing at our Mini 0903 discussion board as properly.
wherein to purchase for lowest charge

This digicam by and large sells for under $one hundred from some of vendors:


caution! MAKING wi-fications to your FIRMWARE ARE executed AT YOUR personal hazard. WE are not chargeable for ANY harm for your dash CAM due to those instructions.
Firmware update commands

layout the MicroSD Card

copy the wi-firmware document (.bin) onto the basis of the MicroSD Card
you could want to rename the wirelessrmware wireless to wi-firmware.bin
Insert the MicroSD Card into the camera and turn on the camera
After the wi-firmware replace is wi-finished make sure to delete the wi-fidocuments or you’ll be prompted to update once more

modern-day Firmware

mini0903-20160329-test20M.7z (20 Mbps bit charge)
mini0903-20160329-test16M.7z (sixteen Mbps bit charge)

A Cheap Pressure Washer “The Real Deal”

most industries have secrets… these are secrets approximately enterprise practices which are by no means in the customers first-rate interests. that is why the ‘insider exhibits all’ ebook layout sells so many books. unfortunately for the unwary client the pressure washer enterprise is not any exceptional. So what mystery could this industry probable be concealing?

allow me solution this as without delay as I possibly can… it is the secret of the reasonably-priced stress washing machine, acknowledged inside the industry because the ‘throw away unit’.

The throw away unit is definitely the manufacture of a stress washer whose design and construction has no meant price for the customer… duration.

A nicely designed and constructed strain washer has truly limitless programs for the property owner and commercial enterprise proprietor alike, it certainly is a versatile engineering marvel.To get The best Pressure Washer 2018  see our website.

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The question you are probably asking now is ” then why could producers make throw away gadgets?”

the answer is simple actually…smooth money! Many producers remember the fact that the average purchaser has literally no clue about what is going into the manufacture of a reliable strain washing machine and this is something they are able to effortlessly take advantage of.

as the former owner of a device apartment middle for 15 years i can in my view attest to the overall lack of know-how possessed by way of Joe purchaser when it comes to strain washers.

A throw away unit is designed to reap one component and one thing only… an exceedingly low price point! The advertising equation is:

lowest charge = easiest sales

The client definitely isn’t at fault here, after all how is he/she to realize?

The stress washing machine industry as a whole would must be labeled as a fragmented industry. there are numerous exquisite manufacturers in the market nowadays but there are simply as many, who in my opinion, charge far less than so-so due to loss of marketing integrity or manufacturing competence and in a few cases even both. those with the willingness to foist patently inferior products on an unsuspecting public is a general disgrace to a first-class and broadly speaking moral industry.

Seeing this general lack of customer awareness each day for 15 years is what stimulated me to expand my internet site The-electricity-washer-consultant. The number one undertaking of this site is to bridge the expertise gap and to do my little element in assisting dry up the market for those throw away stress washers.

need to look some throw away stress washers?… simply go to eBay and kind in the phrases strain washing machine within the seek container. What you will see is a ton of “new” strain washers usually at rediculously low charges. actual bargains proper? no longer sincerely… eBay takes place to be the largest exhibit of throw away pressure washers to ever be assembled in one region.

it is absolutely quite easy for a manufacturer to strip great out of a strain washing machine to gain a charge factor, especially whilst the client has no idea of what to search for.

lets analyze this for a second. we could opposite engineer the distribution chain to elicit a price foundation for a manufacturer. strain washer manufacturer X sells it is pressure washers to it’s distributor at a 24% earnings (a few sell higher, I do not think many might dare promote any decrease.) Now the average distributor goes to make about 30% if he’s into “cost pricing”. So if the distributors price is $500 he’s going to probably promote for $649 ok so far however what did this truly cost the manufacturer to provide?

$500 at a income of 24% approach this manufacturer obtained all the additives, supplied exertions to collect and test the final product plus covered his overhead at a complete fee of $403…and together with his $97 income he affords a strong warranty and wonderful provider assist…quite an average feat if you prevent and reflect onconsideration on it.

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The most useful accessories for a garage door opener

best garage door openersTo make your life easier, here is a series of 8 accessories available with LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Mastercraft (SEARS) brand door openers manufactured after 1993.

Wireless digital keypad

  • No need to enter the house to operate the door from the wall control panel.
  • There is an external keypad (377LM, 387LM, 877LM, 877MAX ), depending on the type of door opener you have. Some of them are wireless.
  • A numeric keypad functions as a remote transmitter. You use a 4-digit code that you can change as needed.
  • Such a type of keyboard is very handy if you have a shed where you can not install an access door.

Monitoring device for garage door (829LM)

  • Before going to bed, do you wonder if the garage door is closed? This unit allows you to monitor and close up to four garage doors from any room in the house.

Laser parking aid system (975LM)

  • Do you park your car perfectly every time you park it in the garage? This accessory helps you maximize garage space by telling you exactly where to park and when to stop.
  • Much better than hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling!

Wireless Control Panel (885LM)

  • This second control panel installed near your access door leading to the outside of the garage is very convenient.
  • Alternatively, install a wireless keypad on the outside frame of the garage door.

LiftMaster Internet Gateway (828LM)

  • The technology for residential and commercial garage door openers has been evolving rapidly in recent years.
  • With a Wi-Fi app , you can open and close your garage door remotely no matter where you are in the world.
  • You can make sure that your garage door is closed if you leave the house a little too quickly this morning.
  • You can open and close your door remotely, for example to let someone in.
  • Compatible with some other brands of door openers other than LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Mastercraft.

Emergency Power System (475LM)

  • In the event of a power failure, you can safely open and close your garage door.
  • This battery can only be used with LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Mastercraft brand door openers.

Mini Remote Control (890MAX)

  • Very handy when you do not want to leave a remote transmitter accessible or in view in your car.
  • Thanks to its small size , it is ideal for your purse or keychain. So you always have it when you arrive home.

Remote Transmitter

  • For all LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Mastercraft brand door openers manufactured after 1993, the 893MAX is the universal master key .
  • If you own another brand of opener, the 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter can be an alternative.


These are accessories that will answer your daily concerns. Contact an expert in garage doors for answers to your questions, and most importantly, to get an accessory that will be compatible with the opener you currently have.